(KM-KKS4B) MONO Japanese Calligraphy Pencil (4B)

(KM-KKS4B) MONO Japanese Calligraphy Pencil (4B)

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【TOMBOW/トンボ鉛筆】MONO 硬筆書写用鉛筆 (硬度:4B)

超微粒子MONO 芯を使用し,滑らかで折れにくく,強く,濃くトメ,ハネ,ハライが表現できる硬筆書写用鉛筆です。3mm 太芯を使用。

Very dark pencil for general writing to draw "tome, hane, and harai (stops, hooks, and curves)."
The resistant ultrafine particle core of 3 mm in diameter allows you to draw tome, hane, and harai (stops, hooks, and curves) with strong and dark lines smoothly. Available in 4B and 6B.

Ultrafine particle core
The high-density structure allows you to draw smooth, strong, and dark lines that adhere well to paper.

3mm-thick core
Featuring a core of 3mm in diameter, which is thicker than the core of an ordinary pencil. Designed to help you control the degree of strength to be applied and draw a wide range of lines.