LG-KEAHB HB Tombow KI-monogatari Eraser-tipped Hexagonal pencils

LG-KEAHB HB Tombow KI-monogatari Eraser-tipped Hexagonal pencils

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Recycled pencil produced by joining wood offcuts using the finger joint technique.
Feel the warmth of the tree every time you write with a pencil of the "Kimonogatari" series.
The finger joint technique used to join wood offcuts has made it possible to reuse scrap wood.
This recycled pencil was the first pencil to be certified by "Eco Mark" in 1992.

Finger joint technique
Short wood offcuts are interlocked like fingers to be reused for the pencil body.

Made with recycled graphite
Graphite produced as a by-product in the manufacturing process of the factory is separated and refined further. The graphite is then used for high-purity recycled leads.

Friendly design
Finished with a natural texture.
Recycled paper is used for packaging.

Rich in variety
Kimonogatari series manufactured using the finger joint technique has a wide variety of products such as pencils, colored pencils, and eraser-tipped pencils.